Skoda Lifts is a leading service provider of elevator and lifts in New Delhi, India. The lifts we provide are used in various commercial and industrial applications, these lifts are best known for their durability and quality. Skoda Lifts and elevators are based on WVF Device which gives smooth riding comfort, precise and reliable speed control.

Skoda Lifts offers a range of lifts to meet all applications.

Why choose Skoda Lifts

Our first class service and solutions will not be beaten in the industry, from consultation to project handover.

  • Personalised service
  • 100% Client Satisfaction
  • Advanced technical competence for all elevator manufactures
  • Delivering exceptional end results
  • Providing good value for money
  • Being the company you can rely on
  • Proficient workforce
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Cost-effective products

Who we are

Our experience of the lift industry is virtually unsurpassed. Our business has expanded to cover all types of products and services to enable the movement of people and goods. Skoda Lifts have maintained it's reputation for honesty, integrity and commitment to quality that customers have come to expect across all our products.

We supply and install car lifts, passenger lifts, capsule lifts, hospital lifts, kitchen lifts, goods lifts etc. When it comes to moving anything from hot plates to heavy goods pallets, we provide the solution. We can also provide special solutions for broader applications.

Working with us

Quality has played an important role in every surface of our business activity. An evidently distinct Quality Management System ensures that quality polices are implemented at every level of organization. Promise to continuous improvement and meeting the customer’s prospect provides foundation for our quality management system.

  • We believe in doing business responsibly and ethically.
  • We pay our suppliers on time

Working for us

We believe in maintaining an environment that enables every person to have a positive impact on the success of the Skoda Lifts. We know our continued success comes from the commitment to quality, dedication and hard work of all our lift and stairlift engineers, trainees and managers so we feel it’s only fair that they are all well rewarded. We offer :-

  • Modern, friendly working environment
  • A passionate, inspired and exciting career with opportunities for promotion
  • Excellent training and support to help staff achieve their potential