These car lifts are designed with heavy duty and durable components to meet various load capacities above five tonnes. This lift provides sufficient maneuvering space for passenger automobiles of diffrent sizes and shapes to drive in and drive out of it with ease.

Car lifts take care of features such as size, weight of the materials, to be transported and the system of handling. These are suitable for large parking of hundreds of car spaces, such as public parking with timely rates or private parking for big buildings.

Standard Function

  • Down collective
  • Adjustable door opening and closing time
  • Floor position and direction indicator in car and landings
  • Full curtain infrared(For fully automatic)
  • Self diagnosis of breakdown
  • Emergency car lighting
  • Up/Down overrun and final limit protection


  • Automobile show rooms
  • Multi-level parking
  • Rooftop parking

Automobile Lift Comprises Of

  • PLC control
  • Micromputer control
  • Traction system

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Standard Dimensions for Automobile Lift
Capacity (kgs) Shaft Size Car Size Entrance Machine Room Pit Depth Over Head
Width Depth Width Depth Height Width Height Width Depth
2500 3500 6000 2600 2300 5266 2300 2100 4000 6000 1500 5000
3000 3900 6000 3000 2300 5266 2300 2100 4000 6000 1500 5000

Notes :- All dimensions are in millimeters Pit and overhead dimension subject to change depending on travel height & speed.