Auto Door V3F Controller

  • Suitable for Automatic Door Lift.
  • Door safety sensor interface.
  • Speed Up to 1.5 m/s for open-loop, 2.2m/s close loop.
  • Two tier spped control logic to avoid over travelling due to failure of floor position sensor.
  • Auto Shut Down case of failure of door acknowledge I/P's.
  • Door Control O/P's multi Speed with door status acknowledge I/P's.

Single Speed Manual Door Controller

  • Supports upto 16 landing with DOL Wye/Wye-Delta starar for single speed lift.
  • Supports simple gate lock contract & pre gate look configuration.
  • Electronic single phasing/reverse preventer. Speed upto 0.7 m/s for open-loop.

Multi Beam Door Sensor

The installer must align the RX and TX sensor units correctly for smooth and reliable operation.

How to mount and align the units correctly for center openings doors?

  • Check and adujst alignment of car doors.
  • Car doors must be vertically plumb and in line with earch other.
  • Follow the lift manufacturer's guidelines if you need to adjust them.
  • Mark positioning of D200 sensor units on car doors.
  • Units must be in horizontal and vertical alignment (if necessary, use packing to align the units).
  • Leave a gap of 1/4" between bottom units and car sill.
  • Leave a minimum gap 1/4" between units when the doors are fully closed.
  • After installing the sensor units check alignment and adjust with packing if necessary.