Dumbwaiter lift also known as the service, food or kitchen lift is specially designed for the hospitality sector where it is used to transport food, crocery, cutlery, etc. from the kitchen to diffrent floor in a hotel, it is designed to meet the requisite levels of hygiene and aesthetics required for the hospitality industry.

Dumbwaiter or Kitchen lifts are ideal for transporting food or drink between floors. Kitchen lifts are commonly used within restaurants, hotels, bars and pubs, or within the homes of people who suffer from limited mobility. These lifts are also of use within retail, office and medical environments, as the ability to transport small burdens between the floors of a building is always a welcome one. Kitchen lifts have a capacity of carrying a weight between 50-100kg. Kitchen lifts can be adjusted to suit premises that have a limited space.


  • Load capacity :- Between 50 to 250 in increment of 50 kgs
  • Speed :- Standard 0.25 MPS
  • Drive Unit :- Traction drive, high quality reduction worm gear coupled with motor and magnetic disc brake and hand wheel
  • Cabin :- SS/Ms, Centered suspension, Guided on both sides, fitted with removable shelf and without door
  • Landing Door :- SS/Ms, Bi-parting vertical opening


  • 24 Volt in all Push buttons
  • Call despatch on each landing
  • Arrival buzzer and call signal
  • Position indicator on each landing
  • Over current protection
  • Call and send function