Skoda Lifts is a leading service provider of elevator and lifts in New Delhi, India. The lifts we provide are used in various commercial and industrial applications, these lifts are best known for their durability and quality. Skoda Lifts and elevators are based on WVF Device which gives smooth riding comfort, precise and reliable speed control. We provide large varieties of elevators and lifts, which are precision designed to move proficiently and work on high traffic load. We mainly provide following types of services :-


Skoda Lifts are dedicated professionals. Our wide variety of lifts are rigorously tested for safety, comfort, efficiency and reliability. We offer a vast range of unique products. Skoda Lifts only works with the latest in technology and engineering innovations. All lift configurations can be supplied with site specific audio/visual communication and lift traffic management systems.

We are known for our excellent customer service, unbeatable pricing and personalised service, our first class solutions from consultation to handover of the project will not be beaten in the industry. We help our customers to accurately define the particular lift system which they require and ensure their choice meets their exact specifications. Skoda Lifts provide vertical transportation solutions for private residences, hospitals, offices, buildings, nursing home, shopping centres, warehouses, industrial plants and more.


Regular servicing and maintenance of lifts will prolong its lifetime and safeguard the customers. Before starting the service, our experienced, dedicated and professional engineers make a thorough survey of the lifts and attend to every part in detail. Our approach to satisfying customer needs is both broad-based and personalized.

Maintenance includes standard procedures such as lubricating all rotating equipment and other moving parts, as well as thorough checks and adjustments to every aspect of the equipment during each defined maintenance cycle. Our maintenance technician will also clean, adjust and replace worn parts, inspect, test and fine tune ride quality and smooth door operation, record relevant and vital information for future scheduling.

We offer AMC(Annual Maintenance Contract) and repairing services to all types of lifts at competitive prices. Our customers can avail from us either AMC with spare parts or AMC without spare parts. All the services are done with utmost care for reasonable price.


Skoda Lifts provides the most cost effective repairs with a focus on minimising downtime and efficiency. Our skilled technicians have the ability to repair all types of original equipments. We can provide you with today’s code compliant requirements for minimal costs.

We can ensure that you have peace of mind when considering an alternative to OEM repairs. Skoda Lifts provide fast response, full or partial repairs, including breakdown repairs, general servicing on site, general safety inspections, annual safety inspections.

Skoda Lifts is dedicated to providing repairs and code upgrades that are fairly priced. We understand that you want to maintain the value of your asset whilst ensuring its functionality. We continuously review our pricing structure with our suppliers and pass on all savings straight to our customers.